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Locally-owned and operated automotive repair shop established by Bill Hahn in 1974. The fix-and-repair torch was passed from Bill to the new owners at the end of 2015.

We live, work, and play in the lovely seaside city of Ventura, and we participate in the daily activities of life and community creation here. Ventura is blessed with several solid, reliable, honest and high functioning independent automotive repair shops, providing great work and good value for the cars and drivers of this fair city. It is our pleasure and our privilege to have the opportunity to repair, service and maintain vehicles for folks in the surrounding areas, as well as continue to invest in and help foster community within the schools, local businesses and various activities being offered up to residents of Ventura and beyond.

We are what you might consider a “Mom and Pop” independent shop, currently family-owned and operated by a couple of Ventura natives, including two brothers with local legacy garage roots going back to the 1950s. With a Mrs. Married-To-One-Brother in the back office and a trusted crew on the shop floor (plus the small person who unironically answers to the name of “Boss Dude” around the joint) – Hahn’s Automotive truly is a family affair.

Boss Boy – back when he was still known as The Toddler – throwing a weekend tennis ball around the car shop yard with our afternoon driver, Todd.

One brother is an old-school style master mechanic with second-to-none diagnostic skills (and a wicked red flat top above his long ole wise-man beard). The other is a self-taught, self-described “car guy” with one foot in race engines and the other in computer electronics. They are each experts in their various dominions, the crossover of knowledge is a pretty perfect combination. Consequently there is rarely a car problem we at Bill Hahn’s can’t troubleshoot and repair.

Hand-picked by Bill himself to steer this Ventura repair shop ship he worked so hard to build – his life’s work, and his legacy – into the future, we take the responsibility very seriously. His customers were his friends, his fellow parishioners, teachers of his four children and parents of his kids friends. They were his seat mates at all the local sports events he cheered on and supported, they were his Doctors and his Nurses in his later years. He cared about everyone who walked through his office door, and he made it clear how important it was that his successor share his values.

Car maintenance shouldn’t be a huge burden. Regular service and preventive maintenance can help insure against bigger car troubles down the road. Yes, we know more than anyone that car repairs can be a bummer. But we feel that if you have a relationship with a mechanic near you who you can trust to give you the honest truth about what the vehicle needs (or what can wait) and advise about the best course of action toward the safety and longevity of your vehicle, hopefully we can help you avoid catastrophic break downs through the life of your vehicle, and you can rest easier when car trouble does happen to make an unwelcome appearance in your life.

Why Choose Hahn’s Automotive?
Professional Standards. Operational Integrity. Expert mechanics. Quality car repairs. Emphasis on providing good value. A relationship shop that prioritizes healthy and manageable car care planning. Focus on Communication. Investment in Community. Conscientious small business owner/operators and mechanic technicians in Ventura.

As well as these value added amenities:
*Pick up and drop off chauffeur service
*Arrangement of loaner vehicles
*24 month/24,000 miles warranty

The seasoned and ASE certified crew at Hahn’s Automotive work well together to service, repair and maintain vehicles and take care of our customer’s needs quickly, effectively, and at a good value. The Bill Hahn legacy is essentially: Honest work at a fair price since 1974. The slightly updated version