Car Care FAQ

Vehicle maintenance Advice – Ask an expert

ABCs of Auto Care

Always Be Aware

There are some definite DOs and DON'Ts when it comes to car care. Maybe some SHOULD and SHOULDNTs but that's what our professional mechanic and technicians are here for - to advise and implement the best course of action using the best methods or practices available.

Consider Dealer Advice

Some car makes and models are very forgiving of low maintenance efforts and just keep chugging along. Others are absolutely intolerant of this and do need to be pampered a bit by the book in order to stay in tip-top & trouble-free shape.

Do Not Drive

With a flashing check engine light! Somehow everyone gets taught not to swim right after eating, but nobody ever gets this critical vehicle saving info passed on to them.

Car & Truck Repair in Ventura

Vehicles are our second homes, a vital part of daily life these days. Preventative or factory interval maintenance, regular service, and emergency repairs - whatever car trouble you may experience out there in the greater community of Ventura, let us be your go-to home-from-home to fix, maintain and prolong the life of your daily driver.