It’s the Little Things – Value Added Service

Smart Vehicle Repair Service

Bill Hahn’s Automotive is committed to thoughtful, considerate customer service and a smart, reasoned approach to vehicle maintenance. Value added service at every step of the car repair process. Joel – Master ASE Certified Mechanic since <redacted> longer than he would like us to admit – has certainly forgotten more things about cars than most of us will ever know. He has been the senior expert around town for a very long time. Other seasoned shop owners and car repair professionals will occasionally seek Joel out in order to spitball problematic car trouble. His deep well of knowledge and experience lends our family-run Mom-and-Pop shop a HUGE storehouse of standards, tips and tricks of the trade, and best practices in vehicle maintenance and repair.

Travis, formerly of Mike’s 3-Point Auto on Palma Drive, and Josh (co-owner, also Joel’s brother) will often get into long discussions about the best approach for particular for literally the best possible repairs available to the drivers and car owners in our nearby Ventura community.

Extra Services

Pick Up & Drop Off

At Bill Hahn’s Automotive we know how difficult it can be to coordinate a ride to the mechanic shop to pick up your car, or work it out with friends, family, co-workers, whomever to meet you at the auto shop when you are scheduled to drop off your

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